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Mario Kart Wii Knex Building Set #38437 Bowsers Castle

5 stars
Mario Kart Wii Knex Building Set 38437

For those who are considering a Lego set We have put together some good information. Mario Kart Wii Knex is a fantastic Lego set. The EAN-13 code, also known as the International Article Number, for this is 0744476384379. The Lego set is 6.6"H x 20.2"L x 14.1"W. It weighs close to 7 lbs. Mario Kart Wii Knex . For the best bargain for this product together with other Legos, check out our affilate add to shopping cart button on this site.


MPN: 1311245
UPS: 744476384379

Bring Mario Kart Wii to life employing the ULTIMATE Bowsers Castle Track Building Set! The set contains the parts to generate Mario and Luigi, 2 Karts with superfast batterypowered motors, several moving obstacles like Thwomps, Fireballs and Podobo Cogs and 4 collectible items from the game a Mushroom, a Green Turtle Shell, a Banana Peel and Bullet Bill! Also includes 26 pieces of doublewide, buildable, interconnectable track that creates a multilevel, closedcircuit Bowsers Castle Track!! Build Mario in his Standard Kart and Luigi in his Wild Wing Kart Multiple moving obstacles 2 Superfast, battery powered motors for karts 4 collectible items Mushroom, Green Turtle Shell, Banana Peel and Bullet Bill 26 pieces of doublewide buildable track create a multilevel, closed loop Ages 6+ Features. Race Mario and Luigi by way of the complete, multilevel Bowsers Castle Track.


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